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CZH518A-10KW(10000Watt) analog professional VHF/UHF all solid-state Single-channel TV transmitter UHF 13~48 Channel suitable for all-levels of TV station

● The whole machine is single-channel, image with audio together.
● The redundant configuration design can reduce the rate of inactive to zero.
● The management and monitoring are intelligent and on network, it has the external PC interface.
● It has the technical data detection, monitoring systems and full-featured computer control software with auto-diagnostic function.
● Comprehensive protection measures can reduce the damage of equipments.
● All power supplies are switching power supplies; high efficiency, excellent regulator range, strong adaptable from the change of the external voltage.
● It adopts modular design concept.
● Hot-pluggable design: power amplifier and switching power are supporting the Hot-plug, it’s easy to debug and maintenance; improve the reliability.
● The fan is built-in the chassis, the transmitter has a compact structure and a beautiful shape. More →

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