1.What’s products you can offer?
We can offer the FM transmitter,FM radio station equipments and TV station equipments and so on.We will offer the projects to help the clients to build the best and the most favorable station.

2.Do you know the FM transmitter?
FM radio transmitter means to transmit the audio  signal to the earth,we can receive the signal with the normal radio .

FM transmitter is used in the FM radio station to spread the vioce and music through the wirless way.It will be used to the National Radio station,City radio station,Village station,Compu station,cell station and family station.

FM radio stations is composed of the Audio broadcast control equipment,transmitters,antenna,cable and other equipments.

4 Responses to Solutions

  1. Yakah Emmanuel says:

    I have a 2kw transmitter and 4 bay dipole antenna and a height of 60 meters but cannot cover 37 km. Even some towns close to the transmission site can’t have access to the coverage. What might be the problem?

    Secondly, I have realized that the 4 inter-bay cables are not of the same length.
    Can that also be a problem?

    My frequency is 92.7 , can you please help me with the interval between the antennas?
    Best regards
    Yamaha Emmanuel

    • szg says:

      Dear friend,
      Is there any high building and trees in your town?
      The interval between two bays antennas need to be more than 2.4meters. I will draw a picture to descripe it for you.

  2. Agwu Joshua says:

    I will like to be connected with the company’s technician. I’m an installer of your product the FM transmitter, I have issues with the ones I have like 3 pieces of the machine. Thanks

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