Fmuser FU-X01B 1W FM Radio Wrieless broadcast FM transmitter New Arrivals

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the front-FUX01

FU-T01B Fm transmitter is FMUSER’s new cost effective design integrating TF Card mp3 reader,bluetooth.It is designed for home using,small FM radio stations,school,stadium,conference,traveling and all the broadcasting enthusiasts.

*The buttons are designed for us easy to operate.
* RCA and 3.5mm interface for audio line-in.
* Built in TF card MP3 function, Bluetooth audio, rechargeable battery.
*Auto tuning Mic input volume to the best state.
* Worldwide band 76~108Mhz for any country, easy to setup and change.
* RF output power is adjustable from 0~1w by 11 levels. Level 0 means no power is transmitted out.
* Audio pre-emphasis is adjustable between 50US(EURO) / 75US(USA)
* Mono and stereo switchable
* Broadcast distance: 0-1km adjustable(The distance is estimated in open environment and just for reference)
* Auto-shut down function, when there is no audio input, the device will be powered off .Current settings will be memorized, it automatically starts from the previous settings when the transmitter is turned on again.


RF Parameters
Frequency range: 76~108MHZ(frequency band may customized when MOQ is over 100pcs)
Frequency stepping: 100KHZ,0.1MHZ
Frequency deviation: +-75KHZ
RF Power: 0-1W  ,11 levels adjustable.
Harmonic and clatter: <=-60dB
SNO Rate:>=60dB
RF output: TNC-K,50 Ohm

Audio Parameters
Audio input:analog audio 3.5mm in ,RCA in
Mic input: 3.5mm in
Audio Input Channel:Line in (3.5mm/RCA), TF Card MP3,Bluetooth
Audio input level:15dBV
Audio distortion:<=0.2%
Audio frequency response:50HZ~15000HZ
Stereo seperation:>=40dB
Pre-emphasis:50US/ 75US switchable
Audio control:electronic volume control,11 levels adjustable from 0~10, level 0 means no volume output.
MIC control: electronic volume control,11 levels adjustable from 0~10, level 0 means no volume output.

Other Parameters:
Work voltage: 12V
Work current: <0.4A(At Maximum power mode)
Work temperature: -10~45
Product dimension: 162*120*40MM

Four optional versions for the device: please consult us details and price information before placing an order.
1. Basic version(Basic transmission and external MIC input)
2. MP3 plus version(Add MP3 function on the basic version)
3. MP3+Bluetooth version(Add MP3 and Bluetooth function on the basic version)
4. MP3+Bluetooth+battery version (Add MP3, Bluetooth and rechargeable battery on the basic version)

Three extra configurations:

No.1: TF Card MP3play module
MP3 Play: Play/Pause, Previous, Next.
MP3 Play: switch to MP3 mode, press play button to play loop.
MP3 dynamic range: 90dB
MP3 SNO Rate:85dB
MP3 file:Support Sampling rate(KHZ)8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48(Support all bit rate 11172-3 and ISO13813-3 LAYER3 audio decode)
MP3 support TF card: Support FAT16、FAT32 document system,supports TF cards of 32G maximum
MP3 support file:MP3 and WAV format audio. (Other audio formats are not supported to play, the player module  could be damaged by copying the files in others unsupported formats)
MP3 display:switch to the MP3 mode, the LCD will display general music data, the
song details will be shown by 3 seconds when it’s playing.
MP3 external support:support control of MP3 play through serial ports,
support MP3 play control by Bluetooth.
MP3 song choice: support choosing songs by Bluetooth or serial ports.

No.2: Bluetooth music input module
Bluetooth play:support Bluetooth play.
Bluetooth control:support Bluetooth control all operations of transmitter.
Bluetooth distance: <= 10 meters.
Bluetooth play: supports control Bluetooth play/pause/previous/next from device.

No.3: Rechargeable battery module
Use Battery: support external battery, 3pcs of 18650 li-on battery.
Battery recharge: adopt specialized battery chip, which can charge, product and
automatically stop charging when battery is full.
Battery protection: When the voltage of battery goes down to the lowest level, the battery will stop output automatically to protect itself from damage.
Battery life: Continuously work about 4 hours at 1300MA in maximum power output.

fux01-off the back-FUX01

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Buy it Now
1 pcs sample
149 USD
DHL/UPS 7-10days

140 USD
DHL/UPS 7-10days

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