Kenwood intercom TK208 intercom maintenance case (1)

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Kenwood intercom  maintenance case (1)

I. An example of a

Type: kenwood TK208 type intercom

Fault phenomenon: after startup, according to the PTT key can’t emission, light nor bright.

Maintenance: according to the analysis of the phenomenon, the fault may be out in the power button and other related parts.

1. Maintenance, play boot lid, first check the battery voltage normal

2. Check the PTT key flexibility is good, key button switch S301 to poor contact.

3. Watch carefully find links S301 welding sheet printing line through the two conductive hole connected to the other side of the circuit board, using a multimeter to R x 1 file survey found one of the conductive hole two resistance for 00, explain the conductance electric hole break.


Two cases

Type: kenwood TK208 type intercom

Fault phenomenon: boot no emission function, but emission indicator emit light.

Maintenance: via boot detection, the machine has carrier frequency signal output, no voice modulation signal output, judge the problem in voice modulation circuit.

1. Try J201 from the MIC mouth insert conversion microphone, according to the PTT key, machine back to normal emission function, therefore fault in the built-in microphone MIC and external microphone plug between JH201.

2. Check the built-in microphone is good, check J201 find links MIC line welding sheet and connection PTT line piece two off contact.


III. Thirst cases